Vicky Barcelona tapas bar & restaurant Budapest (Hungary) is a no-go zone

In case you came to Budapest (Hungary), please avoid Vicky Barcelona tapas bar and restaurant for your own good.

Recently, the security staff has beaten a man and his sons brutally. The worst part is that the restaurant’s management seemed to be fine with this as nobody tried to stop the human looking animals. Shame on you, Vicky Barcelona tapas bar!

Police arrested 4 men from Vicky Barcelona tapas bar – days later.

Skype vs. Firefox as an unsupported browser

Today I wanted to login to skype web client. Unfortunately showed me the following nice bullshit:

I was using skype web a few days ago, and now firefox is not supported.  Shall I use Microsoft Edge? Really? Shame on you, damned fools!

Fear not however, because Mozilla has a nice addon to set the User-Agent. So I’ve installed the addon, then faked Windows / Edge 17, and finally I was in, and could use skype web just like before.

Removing an S3 bucket

I tried to remove a bucket from an S3 compatible object store. The trouble is that it wasn’t empty, there were lots of objects inside. I tried minio’s client:

mc rm --recursive --dangerous --force exo/somebucket

But it just seemed to stall after removing ~100 objects. The solution is to run it using timeout in a loop, eg.

while true; do timeout 10 mc rm --recursive --dangerous --force exo/somebucket; done