How to trigger autophagy

Regular exercise (both resistance training and aerobic exercise) Intermittent fasting (18 - 48 hours) Ketones Sleep Cold / hot therapy Coffee Cruciferous vegetables Green tea Extra virgin olive oil Mushrooms (shiitake, oyster)

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Improve your posture

20-30 rubber band pull aparts

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What’s overtraining

The following factors increase cortisol: volume intensiveness: how hard you push each set psychological stress neurological demand (eg. complex exercises, circuit training, ...) density competetiveness Increase only 2 factors, and decrease the others. De-load the highest factor you have when overtraining.

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9 natural ways to kill microbes

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Fever Ozone, H2O2 Starving what they eat - glucose Ketones Lowering stress (stress can activate dormant viruses!) Upgrade the immune system (probiotics, vitamine D, IF, ...) ACV Salt Herbs (turmeric, oregano, broccoli, sprouts, garlic, onions)  

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