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Calisthenics leg workout

20 side to side jump squats 20 sumo walks 10 curtsy lunges (each leg) 12 box jumps 20 alternating toe taps (use a bench or box) 10 assisted pistol squats (each leg) 20 calf raises 5 back and forth lunges (each leg) This is 1 round, do 4 total.

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15 minute bodyweight burner for men over 40

30 secs work, 15 secs rest 1. pushup with shoulder tap 2. side lunges with squat 3. mountain climber 4. kick ups 5. burpees (w/o pushup) Rest 1 minute, and do 3 rounds.

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Rest between sets

<60 secs: Increase endurance, burn more calories 1-2 mins: Building more muscle, and some endurance benefits 2-3 mins: Building more muscle and strength 3-5 mins: Pure strength and power purposes Compound movements may be better with 1-2 mins rest, while isolation exercises with 45-90 sec rest. Incorporate all rest intervals, because their benefits transfer across.

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Elevator fitness challenge

Use a pair of dumbbells. 6 split jerks, 10 skier swings 12 split jerks, 20 skier swings 18 split jerks, 30 skier swings Time yourself, how long it takes, rest the same amount of time. Repeat 2 more times.

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