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30 mins lightweight leanout

Use 3-5 kg dumbbells. Complete the following circuit in Tabata style, then rest 1 min. That's 1 round, do 6 of them. Jumping jack Skier swing Thruster Rotational punch Diagonal chop Discus Ground and pound Speed Z press

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BMW 15 challenge

50 secs on, 10 secs rest: pushup walkout to mountain climber (3-5 secs) drop squat pulse (5 mini pulses) crab toe touch seesaw lunge (switch sides at the halfway mark, 25 secs) shuffle in place (a few steps left, then right) That's 1 round. Do 3 rounds for a total 15 mins workout.

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1000 reps workout

300 jump rope revolutions 200 battle rope waves 100 kettlebell swings 100 in-place bear crawls 100 lunges 50 wall balls 50 sandbag cleans 50 box jump to step downs 50 burpees Record the time you need to complete all the 1000 reps, and try to beat your time in the next session.

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13 Exercises That Are Better Than Burpees For Fat Loss

Goblet squat Barbell muscle snatch Dumbbell muscle snatch Dumbbell skier swing Alternate kettlebell swing Dumbbell farmer's walk Box squat jump Stepup jump Battle rope wave Bear crawl Walking lunge Box thruster TRX jump squats Blast-off pushup Skater jump

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Squat stack

parallel squat (30 sec) left staggered squat (30 sec) left split squat (30 sec) parallel squat (30 sec) right staggered squat (30 sec) right split squat (30 sec) Rest 1 min, repeat 3-5 times

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How to burn belly fat

Basics 2-3 meals no snacks 80-160g protein 7+ cups veggies no sugar healthy fat   Add coconut oil potassium apple cider vinegar chromium B-vitamins (nutritional yeast) HIIT more sleep recovery   Remove insomnia bloating menstrual cycle issues stress monosodium gluamate restaurants overtrain constipation

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