How to increase the rep counts of any exercise?

If your goal is to improve – let’s say – your push up reps, then look no further. I give you two methods.

#1: Repetitions over time

Set a timer between 5-10 min, and do as many push ups as you can. Rest as needed, then record your total reps.

Your goal: try to beat your score the next time you do it.

#2: Reach a specific amount of reps

Your target is 4-5x your max reps. Let’s say, you can do 20 push ups, then your target is 100. So do 100 total push ups, rest as needed, and record the time you needed to reach 100 total push ups.

Your goal: try to beat your time the next time you do it.

Do 3-5x per week.

Source: Increase Your Repetitions – Pull Ups – Push Ups – Dips…..


HIIT excercises

High knee – punch
T-rotation – jump squat
Jumping MC – low rotational chop
Low jumping MC
Burpee / strict burpee
Jumping jack – MC
In place run – Vertical chop
Break dancer – Jumping jack
blast-off pushup
low box runner
lunge runner
Drop squat
split jump
skater jump
sprinter step
sprinter skip
running lunge
long jump to backward hop
single leg swing

20 minutes kettlebell metcon


70 bodyweight cardio exercises


10 tips for better recovery

  1. Embrace carbs
  2. Take BCAA
  3. Foam roll
  4. Ice baths to bring down inflammation
  5. Streching
  6. Small naps at daytime
  7. Balanced diet
  8. Take a week off, and go at 60-65%
  9. Hydrate
  10. Take multivitamin