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Query docker container stuff

Add the following to Dockerfile:

HEALTHCHECK –interval=10s –timeout=3s CMD curl -s smtp://localhost/ || exit 1

$ docker inspect –format “{{.State.Health.Status}}” 0dbed54e70cc

$ docker inspect –format “{{.State.Status}}” 0dbed54e70cc



6 exercises to improve mobility

From the calisthenicmovement guys:



Notebook, external monitor, xfce

I had an odd issue with Xubuntu (using xfce4). After logging in the external screen went blank until I opened up the notebook screen. Sad.

The fix is to disable the Xfce4 power manager service.


Strong forearms from Athlean-X

From the ‘Sore in 6 minutes’ series:


Retire your old stuff with retire.js

I’ve stumbled in an article on dzone 5 Quick Wins for Securing Continuous Delivery mentioning a javascript library to scan the given webpage for security vulnerabilities using retire.js. Note that it has an addon for Firefox and Chrome as well.

So I’ve installed the firefox addon, and for the good. Because I just learned the terrible truth: jquery versions 1.x and 2.x have some unfixed issues.

So I’ve updated the piler enterprise configs to use the most recent versions of jquery and other js libs from CDN networks, and now the addon is happy for piler enterprise GUI.

It’s actually a new config option, called JS_CODE in config.php, so you are able to fix it to use local versions of the used js libraries if your users are on a network without access to the Internet.


How to increase the rep counts of any exercise?

If your goal is to improve – let’s say – your push up reps, then look no further. I give you two methods.

#1: Repetitions over time

Set a timer between 5-10 min, and do as many push ups as you can. Rest as needed, then record your total reps.

Your goal: try to beat your score the next time you do it.

#2: Reach a specific amount of reps

Your target is 4-5x your max reps. Let’s say, you can do 20 push ups, then your target is 100. So do 100 total push ups, rest as needed, and record the time you needed to reach 100 total push ups.

Your goal: try to beat your time the next time you do it.

Do 3-5x per week.

Source: Increase Your Repetitions – Pull Ups – Push Ups – Dips…..