Rest between sets

<60 secs: Increase endurance, burn more calories

1-2 mins: Building more muscle, and some endurance benefits

2-3 mins: Building more muscle and strength

3-5 mins: Pure strength and power purposes

Compound movements may be better with 1-2 mins rest, while isolation exercises with 45-90 sec rest.

Incorporate all rest intervals, because their benefits transfer across.

“Top 3 Best Email Archiving Solutions” – how not write a review

I’ve just stumbled in an article about the “Top 3 Best Email Archiving Solutions”. I was curious, so I engaged, and read the article on the topic. What I found was a ridiculous conclusion, read it for yourself below.

Our favorite email archiver is Clean Email. This modern and easy to use inbox cleaner is a perfect companion for anyone who relies on email and wants to be more organized.

So basically the people of Clean Email concluded that Clean Email was the best solution to archive emails. It’s clearly a biased “review”.