How to slow down aging

DOs: sleeping regular exercise intermittent fasting (20:4) raw vegetables DON'Ts: sugar iron supplements vegetable oils (corn, soy, ...) frequent meals overtraining cortisol trans fats GMO

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Calisthenics leg workout

20 side to side jump squats 20 sumo walks 10 curtsy lunges (each leg) 12 box jumps 20 alternating toe taps (use a bench or box) 10 assisted pistol squats (each leg) 20 calf raises 5 back and forth lunges (each leg) This is 1 round, do 4 total.

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15 minute bodyweight burner for men over 40

30 secs work, 15 secs rest 1. pushup with shoulder tap 2. side lunges with squat 3. mountain climber 4. kick ups 5. burpees (w/o pushup) Rest 1 minute, and do 3 rounds.

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Top 20 or so interview questions

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Recently, I was looking for some (mostly) Linux interview questions, and frankly I was disappointed. The top 10-20 google hits (mostly from Indian sites) were mediocre, boring crap, and even worse a mere copycat of each other, without a single, truly genuine question. Most of them share questions like "What's the difference between BASH and DOS?", or "Unix and Linux". Or "What's a microprocessor?" Really? But my favourite bullshit question found in every one of them is "What are the different modes of Network bonding in Linux?" Ok, perhaps I felt pissed off, because I didn't use bonding in Linux, and I didn't know the answer. Anyway, I've compiled my top 20 or so Linux interview questions, with some brief hints what I'd like to hear in the answers. 1. Describe swap partition Please mention virtual memory (physical memory + swap), paging out to swap, that it's much slower, than RAM. 2. How do you make ssh daemon more secure? A few tips: Use protocol version 2, which is the default for any recent distros Use firewalls, iptables, (hosts.allow and deny files, anyone?) whatever to limit access to the daemon Disable password based authentication, allow ssh keys only Disable root…

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