The perfect push up workout

Do each variation to failure, and rest with a V-sit hold in between until you are ready for the next exercise.

  1. Upper chest: knee push away OR  prowler push away OR decline pushup
  2. Middle chest: standard pushup OR archer pushup
  3. Lower chest: incline pushup OR planch pushup OR hindu pushup
  4. Adduction: twisting pushup OR banded crossover pushup
  5. Explosive: knee plyo pushup OR plyo hand release pushup

Rest 3-5 mins, then repeat 1-2 times more.

A journey to the end of the universe

Just saw an amazing video whether it’s possible to go to the end of the universe? Long story short: no. It’s worth to watch prof. David Kipping’s excellent performance on the topic.

In a nutshell even travelling at the speed of light, the expansion of the universe outpaces you.  This expansion makes the distance between regions gradually grow, so you have to travel further than you thought you did.