apt-get no install recommended packages

echo -e “APT::Install-Recommends \”0\”;\nAPT::Install-Suggests \”0\”;” > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/recommends


32 -> 64 transition

Perhaps I was the last person on Earth who moved from 32-bit Linux to 64-bit Linux. Finally, it has happened. The reason is simple: I needed docker (which supports 64-bit only), and it’s much nicer to create 64-bit VMs with virtualbox.

Fortunately I had a separate /home partition, so the reinstall was pretty straightforward: mess with anything, but /home. Now it’s time to reinstall a few things, eg. ansible, libreoffice, jre 8, and friends.


10 tips for better recovery

  1. Embrace carbs
  2. Take BCAA
  3. Foam roll
  4. Ice baths to bring down inflammation
  5. Streching
  6. Small naps at daytime
  7. Balanced diet
  8. Take a week off, and go at 60-65%
  9. Hydrate
  10. Take multivitamin