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Improve your posture

20-30 rubber band pull aparts

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What’s overtraining

The following factors increase cortisol: volume intensiveness: how hard you push each set psychological stress neurological demand (eg. complex exercises, circuit training, ...) density competetiveness Increase only 2 factors, and decrease the others. De-load the highest factor you have when overtraining.

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Hungry wolf vs satiated lion

A very interesting presentation from Jason Fung about Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss. He also mentions that some elite athletes, fighters fast. And they feel better and sharper. They are hungry wolves, not a lion that just ate.

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The perfect push up workout

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Do each variation to failure, and rest with a V-sit hold in between until you are ready for the next exercise. Upper chest: knee push away OR  prowler push away OR decline pushup Middle chest: standard pushup OR archer pushup Lower chest: incline pushup OR planch pushup OR hindu pushup Adduction: twisting pushup OR banded crossover pushup Explosive: knee plyo pushup OR plyo hand release pushup Rest 3-5 mins, then repeat 1-2 times more.

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How to slow down aging

DOs: sleeping regular exercise intermittent fasting (20:4) raw vegetables DON'Ts: sugar iron supplements vegetable oils (corn, soy, ...) frequent meals overtraining cortisol trans fats GMO

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